Sushi for Weight Loss


Can Sushi Help You Lose Weight

Sushi comes highly recommended for losing weight not only be the Japanese, who seemsuchiuchi to be able to show very low obesity numbers and longevity, but from many Westerners who have fallen for the traditional dish.

Sushi is the Japan’s answer to the ‘Big Mac’ and fries, and the KFC, the Wendy burgers and all the junk fast food that is keeping Americans fat and providing the heart doctors with big houses and exotic vacations.

Hooked on Raw Fish

With the rise in the number of sushi bars opening in the western hemisphere you may be one of the lucky ones to have one open near you, and if any of your friends invite you for a sushi be sure to accept the offer. While you may be wondering about dining on raw fish, it is a taste very quickly acquired and can be extremely habit forming.

All you have to do is try it once. Dip that little rice parcel in the spicy paste, and then into the Japanese soy sauce – taste and you are hooked on this wonderful delicacy.

If you too dined out on sushi and sashimi instead of the usual American fast foods, you would be ten times healthier.


All about Sushi

Watching sushi being made is truly fascinating. It is a simple dish and considered by the Japanese as an art. The surprising fact is that many foreigners who buy the sushi making kit are quickly able to produce colorful and tasty sushi rolls.

It takes an itimae, or a sushi chef, 5 years or more before he can work at any recognized establishment as a qualified sushi chef; having been a beginning student and then a wakiita — more advanced. His knowledge, of course, is far superior to the average do-it-yourselfer, and by the time he is qualified it is likely he will have perfected his own unique method of preparing the rice.

However, the demand for itimae has lowered standards and those chefs who can prove themselves in front of the sushi preparation board, will have got the job

There are three main types of sushi that you can order from a proper sushi bar, but hundreds of combinations.


Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri sushi is a rectangular portion of pressed rice with a piece of raw fish and wasabi on the top. To prevent it falling off it is usually bound with a strip of seaweed.


Maki sushi

The maki sushi is what the amateur finds the most fun to make. The fish and other ingredients are spread on a blanket of rice lying on a sheet of seaweed, and rolled with bamboo mats.

Temaki Sushi

This version of sushi is much the same as maki sushi and is a hand rolled, but one end is closed like a cone shape.

These three are only samples of how they prepare sushi, but the itimae will know hundreds of combinations, which he has learned during his long training.

He will also know how to prepare sashimi, which is various species of raw fish displayed artistically on a white tray. Both sushi and sashimi will be accompanied by Wasabi, a Japanese horseradish paste. Off putting because of its green color, wasabi is the perfect partner. It is spicy hot and enhances the various flavors of the dishes.


Gari Garnish

Gari is another garnish and delicious with all varieties of sushi. It is a thinly sliced, pickled ginger, and although often used as an accompaniment, its original intention was to serve as a refreshing garnish in between courses.

Once you get used to tasting the amazing variety of sushi dishes, perhaps washed down with some saki (often mistakenly called a rice-wine when, having been made with grain, is a beer), you might want to expand your pallet to Sashimi. Sliced raw fish, on its own, dipped in soy sauce like sushi.

You will notice the several delicious combinations that you are certain to enjoy and once you are used to the whole sushi way of eating you will find your health a little improved and your weight a little lighter.

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